PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

paddington 0.0.1
gss 0.0.1 Tools for using GSS data in PyData.
anes 0.0.1 Tools for using ANES data in PyData.
rnglib 1.0.9
retain 1.2.0 Delete all but the specified files/directories
pyki 0.0.1 Git & Markdown & Web based wiki system
ddilite 0.0.1 Tools and package for easily using DDI specs.
pyramid_jitt 0.1.2 A Just-In-Time compilation and packaging of JavaScript templates for Pyramid.
mgwa 0.0.1 Git & Markdown & Web based wiki system
pymotiva 0.1.0 Python library for Emotiva XMC-1
nomanini.documentation_tools 0.1 Placeholder
xy_nester 1.0.1 A simple promter of nesred lists
packetseq 0.1.5 Create packet sequence diagram from pcap format csv file
jupyter_gauche 0.0.4 Gauche Kernel for Jupyter Notebook
modulocator 0.1 Want to use a python module you're developing in you Jupyter notebook? Use modulocator to do that
cromulatron 0.1.0 A Twitter bot that posts sentences for grammaticality judgments.
jpserve 0.1.0 jpserve: Calling Python from JAVA
micropython-getopt 3.3.3-1 CPython getopt module ported to MicroPython
python-hibanaclient 0.0.1.dev4 Client library for Hibana API
hibana 0.0.1.dev2 Machine Learning for OpenStack
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