PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

Sequester 0.0.1 utilities to isolate os operations
versionpick 0.0.0 utility classes to pick constants and values based on the version of a something
adt_phone_number_1-877-346-1604 1.0.0 vijay
vijay 1.0.0 vijay
nagobah 1.4 expanded to dagobah, this is a script to import job in batch mode
maildocker 1.0.1 Maildocker library for Python
pincherton 0.1
FuelSDK-Wrapper 0.0.1 Simplify and improve the FuelSDK for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
openbabel 2.4.1 Python interface to the Open Babel chemistry library
twcal 1.0 Taskwarrior log visualizer
PyLogAnalyser v0.5.1 Python LogAnalyser Tool
prayertimes 1.0 An Islamic project aimed at providing an open-source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.
troika 0.1.0 A lightweight, Tornado compatible web framework
modulable 1.0 A lightweight library for writing modular code
restkiss 2.0.2 A lightweight REST miniframework for Python.
python-mercuryapi 0.2 Python wrapper for the ThingMagic Mercury API
haya 0.1.0 A Python package example
bucketize 0.1.0 A CLI tool to determine STDIN line rate at the interval of choice.
hw.python.nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested list
generatewordcloud 0.3 A simple Python (2 or 3) script to generate a PNG word-cloud image from a bunch of text files. Based on word_cloud.
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