PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

ascii_py 1.2 Make ascii art
gglsbl4 0.0.0
facebook-mining 0.0.0
facebook-miner 0.0.0
kibana_logger 0.1 module to simply log in syslog with CEE/json format for analysing by kibana
geocoord 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
pykraken 0.1.0 python implementation of API
PyHyperText 0.0.1 A program that runs HTML from your Python script.
cv2 1.0 My Blog Distribution Utilities
yn 0.1 Useful for validating answers of a CLI prompt
ascii_py_gui 1.2 Make ascii art
fightin-words 1.0.4 An implementation of Monroe et. al's Fightin' Words Analysis
MyPyML 0.0.1 A program that runs HTML from your Python script.
sisfft 0.2.0 Algorithms for convolutions and p-values (tail sums) that have guaranteed relative error, even for very small values.
kkermylib 1.0 just a simple test
sk 1.0.0 A function to print list contents
iron-mq 0.9 Client library for IronMQ, a message queue in the cloud
lcspotter 0.1.0 Simulate light curves of spotted stars using Gaussian processes.
y001fj_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
qs_vod_metadata 2016.1.6 Library and tools for CableLabs VOD Metadata 1.1
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