PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

Empire-of-Fantasy 0.1.0 A multiplayer turn-based game of fantasy
packpeto 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
piliv2 1.0 test
andq 0.3 UNKNOWN
mooc-dl 0.0.0 Script for downloading MOOC videos and naming them.
tapioca-cartola 0.1 cartola API wrapper using tapioca
itme 0.0.0 it me
morepath-reactredux 0.1 Morepath example of using React & Redux
django-filter-rql 0.0.1 A RQL-enabled filter for django-filter
W.I.L.L 3.1 A smart personal assistant
slack 0.0.3 a DI container
nyamuk 0.2.0 Python MQTT Client Library
aiotrade 0.0.1 Python framework for the algorithmic trading
plotpy 0.1.0 plotpy is a set of tools for curve and image plotting (extension to PythonQwt)
chunnel 0.1.0 Phoenix channels client library
eaves 0.0.1 Process for watching events and reacting to them.
nester_gqy01 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
xmd 0.0.0
mantra 0.1 Facebook Messenger Bot Framework
postgres-efs 0.0.1 Store Postgres databases on Amazon elastic file systems.
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