PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

capsule 0.2.1 Manage development environments like virtualenv but with docker containers and export your python history to iPythonNotebook
sphinxserve 0.8b1 sphinxserve renders sphinx docs monitoring file changes
Autonimo 0.1dev
parsers 0.1 Collection of reusable parsing utilities
gr-gsm-yagi-targeting-tool 0.1.2 Not sure where to point your yagi antenna? Find out.
ascii_py 1.2 Make ascii art
gglsbl4 0.0.0
facebook-mining 0.0.0
facebook-miner 0.0.0
kibana_logger 0.1 module to simply log in syslog with CEE/json format for analysing by kibana
geocoord 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
pykraken 0.1.0 python implementation of API
PyHyperText 0.0.1 A program that runs HTML from your Python script.
cv2 1.0 My Blog Distribution Utilities
yn 0.1 Useful for validating answers of a CLI prompt
ascii_py_gui 1.2 Make ascii art
fightin-words 1.0.4 An implementation of Monroe et. al's Fightin' Words Analysis
MyPyML 0.0.1 A program that runs HTML from your Python script.
sisfft 0.2.0 Algorithms for convolutions and p-values (tail sums) that have guaranteed relative error, even for very small values.
kkermylib 1.0 just a simple test
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