PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

dynd.ndt 0.8
cookiecutter-pypackage 0.1.0 Cookiecutter template for a Python package
choosealicense 0.1.0 Choose a License is a Cookiecutter plugin for selecting an open-source license.
bluepill 0.1.0 A mock server for testing Matrix SDKs.
GetNSEStockPrice 0.1 Simple python library that consumes HTTP REST data of sttock prices provided by Google and Yahoo Finance APIs.
bayrell-vcs 0.1 Bayrell Version Control System
lyccode 1.0.0 测试而已
dolphin 0.3.0 Distributed objects library
wer 0.1.0 Python parser for Microsoft Windows Event Reports (WER)
quantstack 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
lemme 0.0 Authenticating REST proxy for GNU Mailman
django-zipgallery 0.1.0 Django application for making galleries from uploaded zip file
whatis 0.1 UNKNOWN
pytest123 0.0.1 Test Library
itungcoding 0.1.0 A Python package example
coexecutor 0.0.1a1 CoroutinePoolExecutor compatible to ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor
python3-weixin 0.0.9
barapi 1.0.3 api panas
psycopg2-static psycopg2 - Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter
pastdoc 0.0.1 PASTDoc. Python Doc Generator, working with AST.
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