PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

cmsplugin-carousel 0.0.1 Carousel for django-cms with filer imager
networking-huawei 1.0.0
nesterlol 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
scans 0.1.0 Python tools for managing scanned documents.
fmitictactoe 0.1 This is an Example Package
market-vis 0.0.1 Market Visualization Prototype
dataops 0.1a1
drf-gazelle 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
elementtree 1.2.6-20050316 ElementTree - a light-weight XML object model for Python.
django-rest-localflavor 1.2.3 Country-specific serializers fields, to Django Rest Framework
shoebill-project-generator 1.1 A project generator that generates Shoebill maven projects.
ezlogging 0.2 Python wrapper for logging library
facsimile 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
jinko 0.1 Wrapper around jinja
nickel 0.0.0 Next-gen SN models library
akData 0.0.2 Data manipulation - formatting, parsing, validating and converting
smsapigicagica22 0.0.1 Does something smsapi bla bla bla
bogosort 0.2 bogosort - also permutation sort, stupid sort, slowsort, shotgun sort or monkey sort.Is a particularly ineffective sorting algorithm based on the generate and test paradigm.
lights 1.0 Python Light module for working with color LEDs
mne-openbci 0.1.dev0 A Python converter of OpenBCI Processing output for MNE.
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