PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

PyAveryBerkel 0.1.1 A cross-platform communication tool for Avery Berkel Scales Create, modify, delete and get PLU from any Berkel Scale
sendtcp 0.1.5 a tiny TCP/IP packet generator based on Python
local-pypi 0.1.0 First pip pack
djangodoo 1.0 A Django app to copy models, load and save records from a running Odoo instance
tensorvision 0.1.dev1 A library to build and train neural networks in with TensorFlow for Computer Vision
bricksink v0.0.0
oanda-historical-exchange-rate 0.3 UNKNOWN
twin 0.0.1
mitosis 0.0.1
flash 0.0.1
django-adapters 0.1 Constructible, introspectable adaption for serialization and forms
dropbox-master 0.1 Simplifies Dropbox management
smscr 1 Hello world package
deepqrl 0.1
facode-pypi 0.1.0 First version
pdf-diff 0.9.0 Finds differences between two PDF documents
fab-cordova 0.1 A collection of fabric utils for cordova apps
Kinko 0.1.dev0 Experimental frontend DSL
firetable 0.1 Airtable CLI and Python Library
wikimonbot 0.0.2 Wikimon is a Python script which creates an artificial intelligent digital pet that learns through mirroring.
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