PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

apilimiter 1.0.6 View limiter for django
python-gyg 0.1 Python library for GetYourGuide API
saltgrinder 0.1 Displays statistics given the output from a Salt highstate
lxd-nomad 0.2 UNKNOWN
pythonAPI 1.0.0 API to access the darkweb database
oolong 0.1 common tool
jiongtu 0.1
bcls-tk 0.0.2 Test for Binary Clustering Tool Kit
dagmawi_time 0.1 Create/modify an instance of time
fastmail 0.1 A simple command line tool for sending email via SMTP
MiPaquete 1.1 UNKNOWN
audition 0.0.1 A small web framework that validates requests and provides an API.
tabshop-stock-updater 0.1.0 A short description for your project.
pipreq 0.4.4 Manages pip requirements files for multiple environments, e.g. production and development
mobai 0.1 A very simple moba-inspired game engine for bots
regulator 1.0.0 Regular expression power tool.
nomanini.appengine_scripts 0.0.0 Empty package to reserve name
supertb 0.1 A package to perform tight-binding calculations
hznedgent 0.2.1.dev30 Blue Horizon Edgent Lib
sorl-thumbnail-with-migrations 12.3 Thumbnails for Django
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