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<h1 align="center">SalamInsta</h1>
<p align="center">It is a useful project for developers that includes useful tools for Instagram</p>

<p align="center">
<a href="#"><img title="Made in UAE" src=""></a>

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<img alt="salammzere3' Github Stats" src="" />

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<a href="#"><img title="telegram Num" src=""></a>
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<a href=""><img title="Followers" src=""></a>

## Installation :
pip install SalamInsta
### Logan Usage

``` python
from SalamInsta import salammzere3

username = "<your email or phone or username>"
password ="<your password >"
Logan = salammzere3.Instalogin(str(username),str(password))

if Logan ==True:
	print ("login successful")
elif Logan ==False:
	print("Error account is security")
elif deta ==None:
	print("Error account is bad")

``` python
## Follow us on social media


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    "_id": null,
    "home_page": "",
    "name": "SalamInsta",
    "maintainer": "",
    "docs_url": null,
    "requires_python": "",
    "maintainer_email": "",
    "keywords": "SalamInsta",
    "author": "salammzere3",
    "author_email": "",
    "download_url": "",
    "platform": null,
    "description": "\n<h1 align=\"center\">SalamInsta</h1>\n<p align=\"center\">It is a useful project for developers that includes useful tools for Instagram</p>\n\n![]( \n<p align=\"center\">\n<a href=\"#\"><img title=\"Made in UAE\" src=\"\"></a>\n\n</p>\n<p align=\"center\">\n<img alt=\"salammzere3' Github Stats\" src=\"\" />\n\n</p>\n<p align=\"center\">\n<a href=\"#\"><img title=\"telegram Num\" src=\"\"></a>\n</p>\n<p align=\"center\">\n<a href=\"\"><img title=\"Followers\" src=\"\"></a>\n</p>\n\n## Installation :\n```\npip install SalamInsta\n```\n### Logan Usage\n\n``` python\nfrom SalamInsta import salammzere3\n\nusername = \"<your email or phone or username>\"\npassword =\"<your password >\"\nLogan = salammzere3.Instalogin(str(username),str(password))\n\nif Logan ==True:\n\tprint (\"login successful\")\n\t\nelif Logan ==False:\n\tprint(\"Error account is security\")\nelif deta ==None:\n\tprint(\"Error account is bad\")\n\t\n\n``` python\n```\n## Follow us on social media\n[![Github](](\n[![Telegram](](\n\n\n",
    "bugtrack_url": null,
    "license": "",
    "summary": "For developers",
    "version": "1.0.2",
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            "md5_digest": "fcb91bf3eb482af096e9b0d672e28300",
            "packagetype": "bdist_wheel",
            "python_version": "py3",
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            "downloads": -1,
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