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SummaryState-of-the art Automated Machine Learning python library for Tabular Data
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<h3 align="center">AutoML Alex</h3>

<div align="center">

![PyPI - Python Version](



<p align="center"> State-of-the art Automated Machine Learning python library for Tabular Data</p>

## Works with Tasks:

-   [x] Binary Classification

-   [x] Regression

-   [ ] Multiclass Classification (in progress...)

### Benchmark Results
<img width=800 src="" alt="bench">

The bigger, the better   
From [AutoML-Benchmark]( 

### Scheme
<img width=800 src="" alt="scheme">

# Features

- Automated Data Clean (Auto Clean)
- Automated **Feature Engineering** (Auto FE)
- Smart Hyperparameter Optimization (HPO)
- Feature Generation
- Feature Selection
- Models Selection
- Cross Validation
- Optimization Timelimit and EarlyStoping
- Save and Load (Predict new data)

# Installation

pip install automl-alex

# Docs

# 🚀 Examples

from automl_alex import AutoMLClassifier

model = AutoMLClassifier(), y_train, timeout=600)
predicts = model.predict(X_test)

from automl_alex import AutoMLRegressor

model = AutoMLRegressor(), y_train, timeout=600)
predicts = model.predict(X_test)

from automl_alex import DataPrepare

de = DataPrepare()
X_train = de.fit_transform(X_train)
X_test = de.transform(X_test)

Simple Models Wrapper:
from automl_alex import LightGBMClassifier

model = LightGBMClassifier(), y_train)
predicts = model.predict_proba(X_test)

model.opt(X_train, y_train,
    timeout=600, # optimization time in seconds,
predicts = model.predict_proba(X_test)

More examples in the folder ./examples:

- [01_Quick_Start.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](
- [02_Data_Cleaning_and_Encoding_(DataPrepare).ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](
- [03_Models.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](
- [04_ModelsReview.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](
- [05_BestSingleModel.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](
- [Production Docker template](

# What's inside

It integrates many popular frameworks:
- scikit-learn
- XGBoost
- LightGBM
- CatBoost
- Optuna
- ...

# Works with Features

-   [x] Categorical Features

-   [x] Numerical Features

-   [x] Binary Features

-   [ ] Text

-   [ ] Datetime

-   [ ] Timeseries

-   [ ] Image

# Note

- **With a large dataset, a lot of memory is required!**
Library creates many new features. If you have a large dataset with a large number of features (more than 100), you may need a lot of memory.

# Realtime Dashboard
Works with [optuna-dashboard](

<img width=800 src="" alt="Dashboard">

$ optuna-dashboard sqlite:///db.sqlite3

# Road Map

-   [x] Feature Generation

-   [x] Save/Load and Predict on New Samples

-   [x] Advanced Logging

-   [x] Add opt Pruners

-   [x] Docs Site

-   [ ] DL Encoders

-   [ ] Add More libs (NNs)

-   [ ] Multiclass Classification

-   [ ] Build pipelines

# Contact

[Telegram Group](


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    "name": "automl-alex",
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    "requires_python": ">=3.7.*",
    "maintainer_email": "",
    "keywords": "machine learning,data science,automated machine learning,automl,hyperparameter optimization,artificial intelligence,ensembling,stacking,blending,deep learning,tensorflow,deeplearning,lightgbm,gradient boosting,gbm,keras",
    "author": "Alex Lekov",
    "author_email": "",
    "download_url": "",
    "platform": "",
    "description": "\n\n<h3 align=\"center\">AutoML Alex</h3>\n\n<div align=\"center\">\n\n[![Downloads](](\n![PyPI - Python Version](\n![PyPI](\n[![CodeFactor](](\n[![Telegram](](\n[![License](](/LICENSE)\n\n</div>\n\n---\n\n<p align=\"center\"> State-of-the art Automated Machine Learning python library for Tabular Data</p>\n\n## Works with Tasks:\n\n-   [x] Binary Classification\n\n-   [x] Regression\n\n-   [ ] Multiclass Classification (in progress...)\n\n### Benchmark Results\n<img width=800 src=\"\" alt=\"bench\">\n\nThe bigger, the better   \nFrom [AutoML-Benchmark]( \n\n### Scheme\n<img width=800 src=\"\" alt=\"scheme\">\n\n\n# Features\n\n- Automated Data Clean (Auto Clean)\n- Automated **Feature Engineering** (Auto FE)\n- Smart Hyperparameter Optimization (HPO)\n- Feature Generation\n- Feature Selection\n- Models Selection\n- Cross Validation\n- Optimization Timelimit and EarlyStoping\n- Save and Load (Predict new data)\n\n\n# Installation\n\n```python\npip install automl-alex\n```\n\n# Docs\n[DocPage](\n\n# \ud83d\ude80 Examples\n\nClassifier:\n```python\nfrom automl_alex import AutoMLClassifier\n\nmodel = AutoMLClassifier()\, y_train, timeout=600)\npredicts = model.predict(X_test)\n```\n\nRegression:\n```python\nfrom automl_alex import AutoMLRegressor\n\nmodel = AutoMLRegressor()\, y_train, timeout=600)\npredicts = model.predict(X_test)\n```\n\nDataPrepare:\n```python\nfrom automl_alex import DataPrepare\n\nde = DataPrepare()\nX_train = de.fit_transform(X_train)\nX_test = de.transform(X_test)\n```\n\nSimple Models Wrapper:\n```python\nfrom automl_alex import LightGBMClassifier\n\nmodel = LightGBMClassifier()\, y_train)\npredicts = model.predict_proba(X_test)\n\nmodel.opt(X_train, y_train,\n    timeout=600, # optimization time in seconds,\n    )\npredicts = model.predict_proba(X_test)\n```\n\nMore examples in the folder ./examples:\n\n- [01_Quick_Start.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](\n- [02_Data_Cleaning_and_Encoding_(DataPrepare).ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](\n- [03_Models.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](\n- [04_ModelsReview.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](\n- [05_BestSingleModel.ipynb](  [![Open in Colab](](\n- [Production Docker template](\n\n\n\n# What's inside\n\nIt integrates many popular frameworks:\n- scikit-learn\n- XGBoost\n- LightGBM\n- CatBoost\n- Optuna\n- ...\n\n\n# Works with Features\n\n-   [x] Categorical Features\n\n-   [x] Numerical Features\n\n-   [x] Binary Features\n\n-   [ ] Text\n\n-   [ ] Datetime\n\n-   [ ] Timeseries\n\n-   [ ] Image\n\n\n# Note\n\n- **With a large dataset, a lot of memory is required!**\nLibrary creates many new features. If you have a large dataset with a large number of features (more than 100), you may need a lot of memory.\n\n\n# Realtime Dashboard\nWorks with [optuna-dashboard](\n\n<img width=800 src=\"\" alt=\"Dashboard\">\n\nRun\n```console\n$ optuna-dashboard sqlite:///db.sqlite3\n```\n\n# Road Map\n\n-   [x] Feature Generation\n\n-   [x] Save/Load and Predict on New Samples\n\n-   [x] Advanced Logging\n\n-   [x] Add opt Pruners\n\n-   [x] Docs Site\n\n-   [ ] DL Encoders\n\n-   [ ] Add More libs (NNs)\n\n-   [ ] Multiclass Classification\n\n-   [ ] Build pipelines\n\n\n# Contact\n\n[Telegram Group](\n\n\n\n",
    "bugtrack_url": null,
    "license": "MIT",
    "summary": "State-of-the art Automated Machine Learning python library for Tabular Data",
    "version": "1.6.10",
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        "machine learning",
        "data science",
        "automated machine learning",
        "hyperparameter optimization",
        "artificial intelligence",
        "deep learning",
        "gradient boosting",
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