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SummaryThis snippet of code attempts to pixelate images.
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# ImPixelate
This snippet of code attempts to pixelate images.

# Usage
import cv2, os
import numpy as np
from imPixelate import pix

img_fullname = "assets/lotus.jpg"
img_name, img_ext = os.path.splitext(img_fullname)

img = cv2.imread(img_fullname)
img_out = img.copy()

[h, w, d] = img.shape
for i in range(d):
    img_out[:, :, i] = pix(img[:, :, i].copy())
cv2.imwrite(f'{img_name}-pixelate{img_ext}', img_out)

# Output
This is a sample image:  
![lotus.jpg]( "lotus.jpg")  
This is the sample image pixelated:  
![lotus-pixelate.jpg]( "lotus-pixelate.jpg")  


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    "_id": null,
    "home_page": "",
    "name": "imPixelate",
    "maintainer": "",
    "docs_url": null,
    "requires_python": "",
    "maintainer_email": "",
    "keywords": "python,histogram,Pixelate,Pixelate Image",
    "author": "mamdasn s",
    "author_email": "<>",
    "download_url": "",
    "platform": "",
    "description": "\n# ImPixelate\nThis snippet of code attempts to pixelate images.\n\n# Usage\n```python\nimport cv2, os\nimport numpy as np\nfrom imPixelate import pix\n\nimg_fullname = \"assets/lotus.jpg\"\nimg_name, img_ext = os.path.splitext(img_fullname)\n\nimg = cv2.imread(img_fullname)\nimg_out = img.copy()\n\n[h, w, d] = img.shape\nfor i in range(d):\n    img_out[:, :, i] = pix(img[:, :, i].copy())\ncv2.imwrite(f'{img_name}-pixelate{img_ext}', img_out)\n```\n\n# Output\nThis is a sample image:  \n![lotus.jpg]( \"lotus.jpg\")  \nThis is the sample image pixelated:  \n![lotus-pixelate.jpg]( \"lotus-pixelate.jpg\")  \n\n\n",
    "bugtrack_url": null,
    "license": "",
    "summary": "This snippet of code attempts to pixelate images.",
    "version": "0.0.2",
    "split_keywords": [
        "pixelate image"
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