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fabio 2024.4.0 FabIO is an I/O library for images produced by 2D X-ray detectors and written in Python 2024-04-12 08:50:16
sdata 0.23.1 a structured data format 2024-04-12 06:44:54
pymatgen 2024.4.12 Python Materials Genomics is a robust materials analysis code that defines core object representations for structures and molecules with support for many electronic structure codes. It is currently the core analysis code powering the Materials Project ( 2024-04-12 06:14:16
flask-paginate 2024.4.12 Simple paginate support for flask 2024-04-12 02:17:46
numerous 0.0.36 None 2024-04-11 22:55:49
invenio-previewer 2.2.1 Invenio module for previewing files. 2024-04-11 14:24:49
kombu 5.3.7 Messaging library for Python. 2024-04-11 12:15:06
comtypes 1.4.1 Pure Python COM package 2024-04-10 23:34:28
scikit-image 0.23.1 Image processing in Python 2024-04-10 19:19:42
invenio-communities 13.0.0 InvenioRDM module for the communities feature. 2024-04-10 12:48:15
invenio-theme 3.1.0 "Invenio standard theme." 2024-04-10 12:40:07
pyriemann 0.6 Biosignals classification with Riemannian geometry 2024-04-10 11:46:03
cassiopeia 5.0.4 Riot Games Developer API Wrapper (3rd Party) 2024-04-10 05:36:33
execsql 1.127.0 Runs a SQL script against a PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB/MySQL, DuckDB, Firebird, MS-Access, MS-SQL-Server, or Oracle database, or an ODBC DSN. Provides metacommands to import and export data, copy data between databases, conditionally execute SQL and metacommands, and dynamically alter SQL and metacommands with substitution variables. Data can be exported in 18 different formats, including CSV, TSV, ODS, HTML, JSON, LaTeX, and Markdown tables, and using custom templates. 2024-04-10 00:15:01
pybedtools 0.10.0 Wrapper around BEDTools for bioinformatics work 2024-04-09 22:45:45
pymodbus 3.6.7 A fully featured modbus protocol stack in python 2024-04-09 11:38:18
django-codenerix 4.0.70 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs. 2024-04-09 04:46:23
littletable 2.2.5 Python in-memory ORM database 2024-04-09 01:52:14
fandango 15.8.0 Simplify the configuration of big Tango control systems 2024-04-08 14:25:17
graphistry 0.33.7 A visual graph analytics library for extracting, transforming, displaying, and sharing big graphs with end-to-end GPU acceleration 2024-04-06 21:47:09
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