PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

parsec-cloud 2.10.0 Secure cloud framework 2022-06-30 09:58:20
DataSae 0.1.5 Data quality framework for Ekosistem Data Jabar 2022-06-30 08:16:55
mkdocs-callouts 1.4.1 A simple plugin that converts Obsidian style callouts and converts them into mkdocs supported 'admonitions' (a.k.a. callouts). 2022-06-29 19:12:42
lager-cli 0.1.135 Lager Command Line Interface 2022-06-29 17:51:54
vk-sdk 1.7.2 Wrapper around vk_api library 2022-06-29 15:12:22
durak 0.1.3 HTML templating language and static site generator 2022-06-29 14:48:50
linex2 1.0.9 Lipid Network Explorer (LINEX) package. Python backend to the LINEX web-app 2022-06-29 07:54:17
kerncraft 0.8.15 Loop Kernel Analysis and Performance Modeling Toolkit 2022-06-28 10:15:36
printnanny-api-client 0.92.0 printnanny-api-client 2022-06-27 20:06:47
tutor 14.0.2 The Docker-based Open edX distribution designed for peace of mind 2022-06-27 14:52:36
multisig-ci 0.3.15 Gnosis safe ci scripts. 2022-06-27 04:54:29
freemocap 0.0.53 The FreeMoCap Project: A free-and-open-source, hardware-and-software-agnostic, minimal-cost, research-grade, motion capture system and platform for decentralized scientific research, education, and training 2022-06-26 11:02:53
MASSA-Algorithm 0.8 MASSA Algorithm is a Python package to separate data sets of molecules into training and test sets, considering the diversity of structural, physicochemical and biological characteristics of these molecules. 2022-06-25 16:55:26
uploadgram 0.2.2 Upload files to Telegram upto 4 GiB, from the Terminal 2022-06-25 13:42:41
notebooker 0.4.3 Tool for parametrizing, executing, and displaying Jupyter Notebooks as reports. 2022-06-24 11:32:49
gerbolyze 3.0.10 A high-resolution image-to-PCB converter. Gerbolyze plots SVG, PNG and JPG onto existing gerber files. It handles almost the full SVG spec and deals with text, path outlines, patterns, arbitrary paths with self-intersections and holes, etc. fully automatically. It can vectorize raster images both by contour tracing and by grayscale dithering. All processing is done at the vector level without intermediate conversions to raster images accurately preserving the input. 2022-06-24 11:30:16
vegafusion 0.6.0 Core tools for using VegaFusion from Python 2022-06-23 12:34:30
pyreadr 0.4.6 Reads/writes R RData and Rds files into/from pandas data frames. 2022-06-23 09:13:50
satnogs-decoders 1.42.0 SatNOGS Decoders 2022-06-22 10:40:54
libcoveocds 0.11.1 A data review library for the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) 2022-06-20 19:23:35
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