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qutebrowser 1.14.1 A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5. 2020-12-04 19:34:17
extract-msg 0.27.9 Extracts emails and attachments saved in Microsoft Outlook's .msg files 2020-12-04 18:38:44
cylc-sphinx-extensions 1.3.0 Sphinx extensions for documenting Cylc 2020-12-04 10:53:10
pycx4 0.811 CXv4 control system framework Python bindings 2020-12-04 10:28:44
Products.MeetingIDEA Official meetings management for college and council of belgiancommunes (PloneMeeting extension profile) 2020-12-04 08:13:42
gitter 0.3.5 Improved command line interface for git 2020-12-04 07:43:23
interop 1.1.16 The Illumina InterOp libraries are a set of common routines used for reading InterOp metric files produced by Illumina sequencers. These libraries are backwards compatible and capable of supporting prior releases of the software, with one exception: GA systems have been excluded. 2020-12-04 05:39:43
pyzm 0.2.6 ZoneMinder API, Logger and other base utilities for python programmers 2020-12-03 23:28:06
spotify-me 0.0.1 A SpotifyAPI Client that is straightforward and works easily 2020-12-03 20:10:09
epigrass 2.7.0 Epidemiological Geo-Referenced Analysis and Simulation System 2020-12-03 14:36:57
rer.bandi 4.1.1 A product for announcements management 2020-12-03 11:24:57
opalart 0.0.9 Asynchronous hentai scraper. 2020-12-02 23:30:34
everywhere 1.1 A globaly importable thread local variable. This utility package is literally two lines of code. 2020-12-02 14:02:34
v2ray-util a tool to manage v2ray config json 2020-12-02 07:20:43
arctic 1.79.4 AHL Research Versioned TimeSeries and Tick store 2020-12-01 23:16:14
ezcalour 1.12.4 EZCalour: GUI frontend tool for Calour microbiome analysis software 2020-12-01 20:00:05
collective.localstyles 1.2 Add local styles to subsections in your Plone site. 2020-12-01 17:42:10
IPyC 1.0.0.post0 A basic IPC implementation for Python 2020-12-01 09:03:36
FoLiA-tools 2.4.2 FoLiA-tools contains various Python-based command line tools for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation) 2020-11-30 17:25:40
piereling 0.2.1 Piereling is a webservice and web-application to convert between a variety of document formats, mostly from and to FoLiA XML. It is intended for NLP pipelines. 2020-11-30 17:23:48
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