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opbeat_ecometrica 3.4.1 Ecometrica's unofficial fork of the official Python module for
cfgovbuild 1.1 UNKNOWN
oxford 0.1.4 This project implements a client for the Project Oxford API's.
loop_lista2201 1.0.0 Serve para abrir listas de listas
magicsync 0.1.0 Sync a local folder with a remote s3 bucket.
Seropy 1.1.1 Python Blob Analysis
dht 0.1
olopy 0.0.13
mm6doc 0.0.1 Might and Magic VI Documentation
rappy 1.1.1 Rank the lyrical complexity of music
BaanPowerScan 0.10 BaanPowerscan class for GUI
my-awesome-helloworld 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
django-media-manager 3.4.1 Media-Management with the Django Admin-Interface.
django_ror_url 0.0.1 Provide Ruby On Rails routing for django
Foodle 0.0.1
ontarget 0.0.0 ontarget data analysis
MyProxy 0.0.0 An asynchronous and configurable proxy server implemented in Python.
django-patron 0.0.1 A social Django CRM
stwitto 0.1 Command Line Twitter Client
socket 0.1
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