PyDigger - Statistics

Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license35,69817.78%
Has VCS has license100,04149.83%
Has VCS but no author3,0731.53%
Has VCS has author132,66666.09%
Has VCS but no summary2,5991.29%


No VCS65,01032.38%
Has VCS135,73967.62%
Has GitHub133,12266.31%
Has Gitlab2,0631.03%
Has Bitbucket5540.28%


Has GitHub but no CI106,30452.95%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI112,29755.94%
Has Travis-CI20,82510.37%
No Travis-CI179,92489.63%
Has Github Actions7,4123.69%
No Github Actions193,33796.31%
No Appveyor199,50899.38%
Has Appveyor1,2410.62%
No CircleCI200,749100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls109,32554.46%
Has Coveralls23,79711.85%
No Coveralls176,95288.15%
No Tox189,11094.2%
Has Tox11,6395.8%
Has bugtrack_url5680.28%
No bugtrack_url200,18199.72%


Number of packages indexed200,749
No summary8,5584.26%
No license62,32731.05%
No docs_url198,77099.01%
Has docs_url1,9790.99%
No author10,1435.05%
Has author190,60694.95%
No requires_python provided131,92265.71%
Has requires_python provided68,82734.29%
No keywords126,16962.85%
Has keywords74,58037.15%
Has requirements14,8017.37%
No requirements185,94892.63%
No editconfig200,749100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot200,748100.0%
Has dockbot10.0%
No landscape200,54099.9%
Has landscape2090.1%


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