PyDigger - Statistics

Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license27,40020.08%
Has VCS has license60,68344.47%
Has VCS but no author13,0819.59%
Has VCS has author75,00254.97%
Has VCS but no summary2,3171.7%


No VCS48,36335.44%
Has VCS88,08364.56%
Has GitHub85,85662.92%
Has Gitlab1,8481.35%
Has Bitbucket3790.28%


Has GitHub but no CI36,78726.96%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI81,61259.81%
Has Travis-CI4,2443.11%
No Travis-CI132,20296.89%
Has Github Actions46,35433.97%
No Github Actions90,09266.03%
No Appveyor135,79599.52%
Has Appveyor6510.48%
No CircleCI136,446100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls79,89358.55%
Has Coveralls5,9634.37%
No Coveralls130,48395.63%
No Tox126,89793.0%
Has Tox9,5497.0%
Has bugtrack_url00.0%
No bugtrack_url136,446100.0%


Number of packages indexed136,446
No summary9,5937.03%
No license54,32939.82%
No docs_url135,87299.58%
Has docs_url5740.42%
No author26,50219.42%
Has author109,94480.58%
No requires_python provided47,72534.98%
Has requires_python provided88,72165.02%
No keywords93,17768.29%
Has keywords43,26931.71%
Has requirements6,0764.45%
No requirements130,37095.55%
No editconfig136,446100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot136,446100.0%
Has dockbot00.0%
No landscape136,40799.97%
Has landscape390.03%
Has GitHub link but it gives 4044,2753.13%
Has GitHub link but there was an exception fetching it290.02%


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