PyDigger - Statistics

Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license42,53321.63%
Has VCS has license84,80143.12%
Has VCS but no author25,22812.83%
Has VCS has author102,10551.92%
Has VCS but no summary3,3091.68%


No VCS69,33835.26%
Has VCS127,33464.74%
Has GitHub124,03263.07%
Has Gitlab2,7451.4%
Has Bitbucket5570.28%


Has GitHub but no CI54,84027.88%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI118,83060.42%
Has Travis-CI5,2022.65%
No Travis-CI191,47097.35%
Has Github Actions65,92633.52%
No Github Actions130,74666.48%
No Appveyor195,93999.63%
Has Appveyor7330.37%
No CircleCI196,672100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls116,54959.26%
Has Coveralls7,4833.8%
No Coveralls189,18996.2%
No Tox183,93793.52%
Has Tox12,7356.48%
Has bugtrack_url00.0%
No bugtrack_url196,672100.0%


Number of packages indexed196,672
No summary15,1697.71%
No license82,66342.03%
No docs_url196,00399.66%
Has docs_url6690.34%
No author44,44322.6%
Has author152,22977.4%
No requires_python provided66,13133.63%
Has requires_python provided130,54166.37%
No keywords135,86969.08%
Has keywords60,80330.92%
Has requirements10,0955.13%
No requirements186,57794.87%
No editconfig196,672100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot196,672100.0%
Has dockbot00.0%
No landscape196,62099.97%
Has landscape520.03%
Has GitHub link but it gives 4049,9855.08%
Has GitHub link but there was an exception fetching it280.01%


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