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Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license2,12813.79%
Has VCS has license7,48248.49%
Has VCS but no author3772.44%
Has VCS has author9,23359.83%
Has VCS but no summary2571.67%


No VCS5,82137.72%
Has VCS9,61062.28%
Has GitHub9,40360.94%
Has Gitlab1591.03%
Has Bitbucket480.31%


Has GitHub but no CI3,70023.98%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI8,51255.16%
Has Travis-CI8915.77%
No Travis-CI14,54094.23%
Has Github Actions5,07732.9%
No Github Actions10,35467.1%
No Appveyor15,26598.92%
Has Appveyor1661.08%
No CircleCI15,431100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls8,38054.31%
Has Coveralls1,0236.63%
No Coveralls14,40893.37%
No Tox13,65988.52%
Has Tox1,77211.48%
Has bugtrack_url00.0%
No bugtrack_url15,431100.0%


Number of packages indexed15,431
No summary7494.85%
No license4,48829.08%
No docs_url15,26698.93%
Has docs_url1651.07%
No author2,04413.25%
Has author13,38786.75%
No requires_python provided5,74437.22%
Has requires_python provided9,68762.78%
No keywords9,88064.03%
Has keywords5,55135.97%
Has requirements2,02313.11%
No requirements13,40886.89%
No editconfig15,431100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot15,431100.0%
Has dockbot00.0%
No landscape15,42499.95%
Has landscape70.05%


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