PyDigger - Statistics

Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license37,31820.71%
Has VCS has license78,90043.79%
Has VCS but no author22,00712.22%
Has VCS has author94,21152.29%
Has VCS but no summary3,0481.69%


No VCS63,94435.49%
Has VCS116,21864.51%
Has GitHub113,11662.79%
Has Gitlab2,5851.43%
Has Bitbucket5170.29%


Has GitHub but no CI48,82127.1%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI108,11260.01%
Has Travis-CI5,0042.78%
No Travis-CI175,15897.22%
Has Github Actions61,15333.94%
No Github Actions119,00966.06%
No Appveyor179,44499.6%
Has Appveyor7180.4%
No CircleCI180,162100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls105,99158.83%
Has Coveralls7,1253.95%
No Coveralls173,03796.05%
No Tox168,14193.33%
Has Tox12,0216.67%
Has bugtrack_url00.0%
No bugtrack_url180,162100.0%


Number of packages indexed180,162
No summary13,7047.61%
No license73,94841.05%
No docs_url179,51599.64%
Has docs_url6470.36%
No author39,61921.99%
Has author140,54378.01%
No requires_python provided61,45034.11%
Has requires_python provided118,71265.89%
No keywords123,60168.61%
Has keywords56,56131.39%
Has requirements7,3794.1%
No requirements172,78395.9%
No editconfig180,162100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot180,162100.0%
Has dockbot00.0%
No landscape180,11499.97%
Has landscape480.03%
Has GitHub link but it gives 4047,1343.96%
Has GitHub link but there was an exception fetching it230.01%


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