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Has VCS - missing some info

Has VCS but no license11,83717.39%
Has VCS has license27,88540.97%
Has VCS but no author1,2851.89%
Has VCS has author38,43756.48%
Has VCS but no summary9761.43%


No VCS28,33641.64%
Has VCS39,72258.36%
Has GitHub38,79557.0%
Has Gitlab7081.04%
Has Bitbucket2190.32%


Has GitHub but no CI17,42825.61%
Has GitHub but no Travis-CI36,29153.32%
Has Travis-CI2,5043.68%
No Travis-CI65,55496.32%
Has Github Actions19,72528.98%
No Github Actions48,33371.02%
No Appveyor67,64699.39%
Has Appveyor4120.61%
No CircleCI68,058100.0%
Has CircleCI00.0%

Testing and QA

Has GitHub but no Coveralls35,65052.38%
Has Coveralls3,1454.62%
No Coveralls64,91395.38%
No Tox63,20192.86%
Has Tox4,8577.14%
Has bugtrack_url00.0%
No bugtrack_url68,058100.0%


Number of packages indexed68,058
No summary4,1586.11%
No license25,78437.89%
No docs_url67,67099.43%
Has docs_url3880.57%
No author10,70915.74%
Has author57,34984.26%
No requires_python provided23,98135.24%
Has requires_python provided44,07764.76%
No keywords46,03467.64%
Has keywords22,02432.36%
Has requirements4,0866.0%
No requirements63,97294.0%
No editconfig68,058100.0%
Has editconfig00.0%
No dockbot68,058100.0%
Has dockbot00.0%
No landscape68,03599.97%
Has landscape230.03%


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