About PyDigger

Once upon a time there was service called PyCheesecake that measured certain "kwalitee" metrics of PyPI packages trying to hint at the quality of those packages. The idea was based on the "kwalitee" metrics of the Perl community offered by the CPANTS service.

PyDigger has similarities, but it does not try to say one package is of higher quality than the other. It does not even indicates kwalitee. PyDigger tries to offer a view at the Python packages on PyPI. providing information on "common practices" and also tries to hint which are the better, or the "best practices".

So what kind of things do we look at?

In the first part of the project we look at the JSON file provided by PyPI and check things there. For example we check if there is a license and what that license is. Then at one point we'll recommend what kind of values should be in that field and what should project developers do with the other values.

We also look at the keywords that were supplied with the project. Having these keywords can make it easier for people to find related packages. On the other hand having too many keywords might be spamming the system.