PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python


We monitor PyPI, collect data from the new uploads and from their GitHub/GitLab/... repositories. Based on this data we try to understand the status of the Python ecosystem. For example how many projects use, setup.cfg, or pyproject.toml files.

Using this data we would like to encourage you to make improvements to the projects.

For example, in order to make it easier to contribute to a project first it needs to be easy to find its source code. For projects that supply this information PyPI shows the links. We list the packages that don't link to their public VCS and provide instructions how to locate the source of these packages and how to send a Pull-Request so from the next release the link will be included.

For project where we found the link to their VCS, we analyze that too. For example we try to understand which Continuous Integration (CI) system they use, if any. We list the projects without a CI and provide instructions how to add CI.

We use this data to send Open Issues and send Pull-request to make small contributions to the projects. We also use the data in the Open Source Development Courses (OSDC) where participants learn how to use Git and GitHub by contributing to open source projects.

We hope that by collecting and analyzing this data we will help you improve the Python ecosystem.

Check out the stats page for further reports. Read more about the project. Check out our project on GitHub if you find a problem or if you'd like to help us in the development.

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