PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

zonebot 1.0 A Slack bot to interact with ZoneMinder
plotit 0.1.2 print a basic plot
jsondataunit 0.0.0 Python package for data-unit tests on JSON based BigData
BraceletGenerator 1.3.1 A friendship bracelet pattern designer
ClassyPie 0.01
Flask-Generator 0.1 Generator tool to quickly create flask application skeleton.
fabric-sdk 0.0.1 hyperledger fabric sdk
fabric-sdk-py 0.0.1 hyperledger fabric sdk
python-vaspy 0.7.1 UNKNOWN
syd 0.0.0 a multi-agent distributed simulation framework
colorecho 0.1 Wrap your strings in terminal color codes. From a terminal command.
arith_lib 1.0.0 A set of functions for miscellaneous arithmetic calculation
headfirstex 1.0.1 A simple printer of nested lists
mkdocs-doksit 0.1.0 Doksit theme for MkDocs.
prelogging 0.2.7b30 streamlines the configuration of Python logging, includes multiprocessing-safe handlers
dk.server 0.0.1 DataKitchen REST Server
soul 0.1
RNA-seq 1.1.0a1 UC Santa Cruz Computational Genomics Lab's Toil-based RNA-seq pipeline
yaf 0.1.0 CLI for mountain weather forecast.
LibAnt 0.1.2 Python Ant+ Lib
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