PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

supertb 0.1 A package to perform tight-binding calculations
hznedgent 0.2.1.dev30 Blue Horizon Edgent Lib
sorl-thumbnail-with-migrations 12.3 Thumbnails for Django
pymiecoated 0.2.0 Single- and dual-layered Mie scattering computations
cairy 0.1 lightweight lib that allows easy transformation of data from one json mapping to another
solr-doc-manager 0.1.0 Solr plugin for mongo-connector
picm15 0.10.0 pimucHA for X10 CM15a CM15pro controller
Flask-NIH 0.1.0.dev1 A toolkit to write static site generators using Flask as a basis.
wagtail-redactor 0.5.1 Imperavi Redactor for WagtailCMS
helpme 1.0 command line daemon for user help
pytwitterwall 0.3 Twitter wall for console and web
a8ctl 0.4 Amalgam8 Command Line Interface
nice-containers 0.1 Utility functions to reduce typing
pyramid_forums 0.0.1 A discussion forums/bulletin board/support system collaborative content system
ciocheck 0.1.1 Continuum IO check/test suite
divertido 0.1 La mejor broma del mundo
dayindayindayinda 1.0 UNKNOWN
deployment 0.1 It is used to deploy clarity dashboards using simple commands
superslug 0.1.dev0 Slugify any string to make URL slugs
ql-pubsub 0.0.0 TBD
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