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crc-bonfire 1.5.1 A CLI tool used to deploy ephemeral environments for testing applications 2021-06-18 17:31:04
ocviapy 0.3.5 Wraps OpenShift shell utility (oc) 2021-02-12 15:27:22
ocdeployer 5.7.10 A tool which wraps the OpenShift command line tools to enable repeatable automated deployment of OpenShift templates 2021-01-28 22:15:47
pysurge 1.0.0 Write small-scale load tests quickly and easily in python with pysurge 2020-07-10 00:33:06
jiraprompt 0.0.5 simplifies agile workflows for jira boards using a cli-based prompt 2018-04-10 13:37:37
Brandon Squizzato
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