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odoo-addon-sale-order-line-position Adds position number on sale order line. 2024-05-21 14:21:59
odoo14-addon-stock-reserve Stock reservations on products 2024-05-21 07:54:01
odoo-addon-project-task-tag Limit tags available on task 2024-05-17 05:52:42
odoo-addon-stock-intercompany Stock Intercompany Delivery-Reception 2024-05-17 05:16:15
odoo-addon-purchase-packaging-default Set default packaging in purchase 2024-05-16 07:04:38
odoo-addon-purchase-order-supplier-return Return product to supplier and update quantiy received 2024-05-16 07:03:54
odoo-addon-product-status Product Status Computed From Fields 2024-05-15 12:32:28
odoo-addon-shopfloor-mobile-base-auth-api-key Provides authentication via API key to Shopfloor base mobile app 2024-05-15 07:28:00
odoo-addon-shopfloor-batch-automatic-creation Create batch transfers for Cluster Picking 2024-05-15 07:27:54
odoo-addon-project-purchase-analytic-global Project - Create Purchase Orders with Analytic Account 2024-05-15 05:51:47
odoo-addon-shopfloor-workstation-mobile Shopfloor mobile app integration for workstation 2024-05-14 07:04:50
odoo-addon-shopfloor-workstation Manage warehouse workstation with barcode scanners 2024-05-14 07:04:34
odoo-addon-edi-product-multi-barcode-oca EDI framework configuration and base logic for product barcodes. 2024-05-14 03:55:45
odoo-addon-edi-record-metadata-oca Allow to store metadata for related records. 2024-05-14 03:55:15
odoo-addon-edi-state-oca Allow to assign specific EDI states to related records. 2024-05-14 03:55:10
odoo-addon-edi-party-data-oca Allow to configure and retrieve party information for EDI exchanges. 2024-05-14 03:54:52
odoo-addon-account-invoice-edifact Generate customer invoices with EDIFACT/D96A format 2024-05-14 03:53:32
odoo-addon-partner-invoicing-mode-monthly Create invoices automatically on a monthly basis. 2024-05-13 02:56:26
odoo-addon-pricelist-cache Provide a new model to cache price lists and update it, to make it easier to retrieve them. 2024-05-12 17:27:34
odoo14-addon-sale-by-packaging Manage sale of packaging 2024-05-11 17:40:26
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