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upgini 1.1.298 Intelligent data search & enrichment for Machine Learning 2024-07-24 11:40:40
niaarm 0.3.11 A minimalistic framework for numerical association rule mining 2024-07-24 11:10:39
arm-preprocessing 0.2.3 Implementation of several preprocessing techniques for Association Rule Mining (ARM) 2024-07-24 10:45:51
joinem 0.3.0 CLI for fast, flexbile concatenation of tabular data using polars. 2024-07-24 10:39:16
badgers 0.0.7 Badgers: bad data generators 2024-07-24 09:02:30
graphbook 0.4.0 An extensible ML workflow framework built for data scientists and ML engineers. 2024-07-24 06:14:37
ai-assistant-manager 0.0.6 This repository provides tools and services to manage OpenAI Assistants, including creating, listing, and deleting assistants, as well as handling vector stores and retrieval files. 2024-07-23 13:19:56
segmentae 1.0.20 SegmentAE: A Python Library for Anomaly Detection Optimization 2024-07-22 21:56:12
oracle-ads 2.11.16 Oracle Accelerated Data Science SDK 2024-07-22 21:08:46
preprocessing-tools 0.0.3 Data Preprocessing library for Data Science and Machine Learning. 2024-07-22 13:17:13
floryn 0.0.1 Plot proportionally filled text with color 2024-07-21 20:48:49
feloopy 0.3.5 FelooPy: Efficient and feature-rich integrated decision environment 2024-07-20 20:33:17
kedro-graphql 0.5.0 A kedro plugin for serving any kedro project as a GraphQL api 2024-07-17 17:26:59
langtest 2.3.0 John Snow Labs provides a library for delivering safe & effective NLP models. 2024-07-16 09:16:26
astromodule 0.5.23 Astronomy Tools 2024-07-15 21:24:41
movie-barcodes 0.2.2 Compress every frame of a movie in a single color barcode.Transform entire movies into stunning single-barcode visualizations.Capture the essence of cinematic storytelling through dominant color extraction from each frame. 2024-07-13 13:51:24
django-recompi 2.2.1 Integration of RecomPI with Django models for recommendation and tracking functionalities. 2024-07-12 13:14:28
renumics-spotlight 1.6.10 Visualize and maintain datasets to develop and understand data-driven algorithms. 2024-07-12 06:00:31
TPOT2 0.1.7a0 Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool 2024-07-11 00:46:13
textpredict 0.1.3 TextPredict is a powerful Python package designed for various text analysis and prediction tasks using advanced NLP models. It simplifies the process of performing sentiment analysis, emotion detection, zero-shot classification, named entity recognition (NER), and more. 2024-07-10 16:32:04
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