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genvexnabto 0.2.2 A library to interface with Genvex Connect enabled ventilation units. 2024-07-23 21:26:57
busnearby 0.1.2 A library to get bus times from the Bus Nearby API 2024-07-22 10:15:47
vivintpy 2023.4.1 Python library for interacting with a Vivint security and smart home system. 2024-07-08 02:46:27
aiocamedomotic 1.0.0a5 Python library to interact with a CAME ETI/Domo domotic server. 2024-07-04 17:48:49
aiorinnai 0.3.2 Python interface for Rinnai Control-R API 2024-07-01 03:31:39
tapo 0.3.1 Unofficial Tapo API Client. Works with TP-Link Tapo smart devices. Tested with light bulbs (L510, L520, L530, L610, L630), plugs (P100, P105, P110, P115), hubs (H100), switches (S200B) and sensors (KE100, T100, T110, T300, T310, T315). 2024-06-27 22:14:32
ring-doorbell 0.8.12 A Python library to communicate with Ring Door Bell ( 2024-06-27 13:15:54
geckolib 0.4.15 A library to interface with Gecko Alliance products using in.touch2 2024-06-24 13:32:09
somweb 1.3.2 SOMweb client. Open/close Garage doors produced by SOMMER (base+/pro+/tiga/tiga+/barrier systems) 2024-06-14 19:38:05
came-domotic-unofficial 1.0.0rc32 Python library to interact with a CAME ETI/Domo domotic server. 2024-06-06 21:07:16
innova-controls 2.2.2 Innova Air Conditioner Control API 2024-05-28 03:15:01
bimmer-connected 0.15.3 Library to read data from the BMW Connected Drive portal 2024-05-26 15:55:35
teeheesmart 0.8.0 API for controlling a TESmart media switch using Hex protocol 2024-05-13 01:14:20
wyze-sdk 2.2.0 The Wyze Labs API Platform SDK for Python. 2024-05-06 13:38:36
pyaarlo PyAarlo is a library that provides asynchronous access to Arlo security cameras. 2024-05-05 00:16:07
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