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spotinst-sdk2 3.7.1 A Python SDK for Spotinst 2024-06-17 06:45:18
gridengine-framework 0.9.0 A framework for generating and manipulating grid-based game worlds 2024-06-16 17:41:41
hcli-core 0.20.3 An HCLI connector that can be used to expose any CLI expressed through hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics. 2024-06-15 02:04:53
hcli-hc 0.1.14 HCLI hc is a pypi wrapper that contains an HCLI sample application (hc); hc can can act both as a gcode streamer (e.g. for OpenBuilds Blackbox controller v1.1g) and CNC interface. In other words, this HCLI acts in the same capacity as the OpenBuilds CONTROL software or OpenBuilds Interface CNC Touch hardware to help control a GRBL v1.1g controlled CNC. 2024-06-14 23:04:46
crunch-cli 3.10.0 crunch-cli - CLI of the CrunchDAO Platform 2024-06-14 15:31:47
slapos.recipe.cmmi 0.21 zc.buildout recipe for compiling and installing source distributions. 2024-06-14 00:54:18
bosos-dev-tools 0.0.5 Dev Tools is a collection of utility tools for Python developers, designed to simplify debugging, logging, and monitoring tasks. This package includes custom logging handlers, decorators for measuring execution time, and a progress bar utility to enhance the development workflow. 2024-06-13 21:39:36
modelx 0.25.1 Build and run complex models composed of formulas and data 2024-06-13 16:23:35
typos 1.22.7 Source Code Spelling Correction 2024-06-12 15:53:17
mangopaysdk 3.34.1 A client library written in python to work with mangopay v2 api 2024-06-12 10:53:43
austrakka 0.56.0 A CLI to interact with AusTrakka 2024-06-12 02:55:13
huckle 3.5.0 A CLI, and python library, that can act as an impostor for any CLI expressed through hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics. 2024-06-11 23:12:29
PyGeodesy 24.6.9 Pure Python geodesy tools 2024-06-10 21:36:21
alas-ce0-client 5.0.84 API client for Alas.Ce0 project 2024-06-10 20:47:44
pyinstaller-hooks-contrib 2024.7 Community maintained hooks for PyInstaller 2024-06-08 12:13:25
pyworkbench 0.5.0 None 2024-06-08 03:45:21
hwo-custom-markers 1.3 Custom matplotlib markers for aperture concepts 2024-06-07 23:18:27
mxmake 1.0a5 Generates a Python project-specific Makefile by using an extensible library of configurable Makefile snippets. 2024-06-07 12:32:51
moler 3.9.0 Moler is a library for working with terminals, mainly for automated tests 2024-06-05 11:23:27
chanjo-report 4.11.1 Automatically render coverage reports from Chanjo ouput 2024-06-05 09:48:57
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