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text2text 1.0.1 Text2Text: Crosslingual NLP/G toolkit 2023-05-29 23:38:47
pyaaf2 1.7.0 A python module for reading and writing advanced authoring format files 2023-05-29 21:15:31
Aspose.Slides 23.5.0 Aspose.Slides for Python via .NET is a presentation file formats processing library for working with Microsoft PowerPoint files without using Microsoft PowerPoint. 2023-05-26 22:27:33
pymiere 1.4.1 Pythonic automations for Adobe Premiere Pro. Require the `Pymiere Link` extension for Premiere (installed separately). 2023-05-10 18:19:35
DeltaKG 0.0.1 A library for dynamically editing PLM-based KG embeddings. 2023-04-29 09:44:49
PyMemoryEditor 1.4.13 A Python library to edit and track memory of Windows processes (32 bits and 64 bits). 2023-04-23 06:26:14
edl-reader 0.1.14 Simple EDL reading library. 2023-04-19 22:14:20
aspose-words 23.4.0 Aspose.Words for Python is a Document Processing library that allows developers to work with documents in many popular formats without needing Office Automation. 2023-04-17 11:11:11
aspose-words-cloud 23.3.0 Python Cloud SDK wraps Aspose.Words Cloud API so you could seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word file generation, manipulation, conversion & inspection features into your own python applications. 2023-04-09 14:49:24
asammdf 7.3.12 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2023-04-06 05:19:12
tkconfigeditor 0.12 Dynamic tkinter config editor for files created with ConfigParser 2023-03-16 20:21:56
mktimeline 0.1.3 2023-02-04 23:57:37
vim-client 1.0.5 Connect to Vim server, edit files, evaluate Vim expressions, and send commands to Vim. 2023-01-29 21:01:36
crudini 0.9.4 A utility for manipulating ini files 2022-12-23 13:31:03
edlib 1.3.9 Lightweight, super fast library for sequence alignment using edit (Levenshtein) distance. 2021-08-20 22:47:40
apted 1.0.3 APTED algorithm for the Tree Edit Distance 2017-11-08 13:03:23
StringDist 1.0.9 This package provides the stringdist module, which includes several functions for calculating string distances. Under the hood, a C extension module is preferentially used for optimal performance, with an automatic fallback to a Python implementation. 2017-05-11 07:54:54
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