PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

text-fabric 3.3.0 Processor for Text Fabric Data 2018-04-14 09:41:51
textacy 0.6.1 Higher-level text processing, built on spaCy 2018-04-12 02:51:32
apertium-apy 0.11.3 Apertium Web Service 2018-04-05 16:27:25
buckeye 1.3 Classes and iterators for the Buckeye Corpus 2018-03-30 19:05:53
apertium-init 2.1.2 Bootstrap Apertium language modules and pairs 2018-03-29 03:50:44
apertium-streamparser 5.0.1 Python library to parse Apertium stream format 2018-03-25 01:42:07
charguana 0.1.15 A character vomiting library. 2018-03-20 08:00:00
reldi 1.7 Python library for the ReLDI API 2018-03-14 22:37:17
clld 4.2.0 Python library supporting the development of cross-linguistic databases 2018-03-09 10:56:50
pyconcepticon 1.3.0 programmatic access to concepticon-data 2018-03-02 10:46:54
colibricore 2.4.8 Colibri Core is an NLP tool as well as a C++ and Python library (all included in this package) for working with basic linguistic constructions such as n-grams and skipgrams (i.e patterns with one or more gaps, either of fixed or dynamic size) in a quick and memory-efficient way. At the core is the tool ``colibri-patternmodeller`` which allows you to build, view, manipulate and query pattern models. 2018-03-01 10:40:22
BabelEnte 0.4.2 Entity extractioN, Translation and Evaluation using BabelFy 2018-02-21 14:05:55
python-datamuse 1.1.0 Python wrapper for the Datamuse API 2018-02-18 19:08:34
tokipona 0.1b0 A package for dealing with toki pona: vim syntax highlighting, tokipona wordnets, analysis of the vocabulary, synthesis of texts 2018-02-12 16:37:56
tgre 1.0 Read, write, and modify Praat TextGrid annotations 2018-02-06 22:30:14
nereval 0.2.4 Evaluation script for named entity recognition systems based on F1 score. 2018-01-31 15:48:18
pyglottolog 1.1.0 python package for glottolog data curation 2018-01-23 10:41:35
textblob 0.15.1 Simple, Pythonic text processing. Sentiment analysis, part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase parsing, and more. 2018-01-20 23:51:01
FoLiA-tools FoLiA-tools contains various Python-based command line tools for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation) 2018-01-15 10:18:23
BabelPy 1.0.1 BabelFy API Client 2017-12-12 12:25:04