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tlds 2022052000 Automatically updated list of valid TLDs taken directly from IANA 2022-05-21 05:26:17
whois 0.9.15 Python package for retrieving WHOIS information of domains. 2022-05-18 14:47:24
urlextract 1.6.0 Collects and extracts URLs from given text. 2022-05-17 20:03:20
tldextract 3.3.0 Accurately separates a URL's subdomain, domain, and public suffix, using the Public Suffix List (PSL). By default, this includes the public ICANN TLDs and their exceptions. You can optionally support the Public Suffix List's private domains as well. 2022-05-04 23:35:40
whoisit 2.5.2 A Python client to RDAP WHOIS-like services for internet resources. 2022-04-07 04:56:00
pydomainextractor 0.11.0 A blazingly fast domain extraction library written in Rust 2022-03-14 11:31:44
PyDomainExtractor 0.10.0 Highly optimized Domain Name Extraction library written in C++ 2022-02-22 17:49:34
tld 0.12.5 Extract the top-level domain (TLD) from the URL given. 2021-01-11 22:06:29
allwhois 1.0.0 Get WHOIS information for a given domain. 2020-08-03 04:52:12
urlextract-py2.7 0.0.2 Collects and extracts URLs from given text. Forked from 2017-07-30 18:30:22
publicsuffix2 2.20160818 Get a public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List. Forked from and using the same API as the publicsuffix package. 2016-08-18 15:43:18
pytld 0.1.0 Tld is obtained by url or full domain name
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