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.. start short_desc

**Provides license metadata from**

.. end short_desc

.. start shields

.. list-table::
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	:widths: 10 90

	* - Docs
	  - |docs| |docs_check|
	* - Tests
	  - |actions_linux| |actions_windows| |actions_macos| |coveralls|
	* - PyPI
	  - |pypi-version| |supported-versions| |supported-implementations| |wheel|
	* - Activity
	  - |commits-latest| |commits-since| |maintained| |pypi-downloads|
	* - QA
	  - |codefactor| |actions_flake8| |actions_mypy|
	* - Other
	  - |license| |language| |requires|

.. |docs| image::
	:alt: Documentation Build Status

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.. |actions_linux| image::
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	:alt: PyPI - Supported Python Versions

.. |supported-implementations| image::
	:alt: PyPI - Supported Implementations

.. |wheel| image::
	:alt: PyPI - Wheel

.. |license| image::
	:alt: License

.. |language| image::
	:alt: GitHub top language

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	:alt: GitHub commits since tagged version

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	:alt: PyPI - Downloads

.. end shields


.. start installation

``PyChooseALicense`` can be installed from PyPI.

To install with ``pip``:

.. code-block:: bash

	$ python -m pip install PyChooseALicense

.. end installation


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    "_id": null,
    "home_page": "",
    "name": "pychoosealicense",
    "maintainer": "",
    "docs_url": null,
    "requires_python": ">=3.6",
    "maintainer_email": "",
    "keywords": "license",
    "author": "",
    "author_email": "Dominic Davis-Foster <>",
    "download_url": "",
    "platform": "Windows",
    "description": "\n=================\npychoosealicense\n=================\n\n.. start short_desc\n\n**Provides license metadata from**\n\n.. end short_desc\n\n\n.. start shields\n\n.. list-table::\n\t:stub-columns: 1\n\t:widths: 10 90\n\n\t* - Docs\n\t  - |docs| |docs_check|\n\t* - Tests\n\t  - |actions_linux| |actions_windows| |actions_macos| |coveralls|\n\t* - PyPI\n\t  - |pypi-version| |supported-versions| |supported-implementations| |wheel|\n\t* - Activity\n\t  - |commits-latest| |commits-since| |maintained| |pypi-downloads|\n\t* - QA\n\t  - |codefactor| |actions_flake8| |actions_mypy|\n\t* - Other\n\t  - |license| |language| |requires|\n\n.. |docs| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Documentation Build Status\n\n.. |docs_check| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Docs Check Status\n\n.. |actions_linux| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Linux Test Status\n\n.. |actions_windows| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Windows Test Status\n\n.. |actions_macos| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: macOS Test Status\n\n.. |actions_flake8| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Flake8 Status\n\n.. |actions_mypy| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: mypy status\n\n.. |requires| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Requirements Status\n\n.. |coveralls| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: Coverage\n\n.. |codefactor| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: CodeFactor Grade\n\n.. |pypi-version| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: PyPI - Package Version\n\n.. |supported-versions| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: PyPI - Supported Python Versions\n\n.. |supported-implementations| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: PyPI - Supported Implementations\n\n.. |wheel| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: PyPI - Wheel\n\n.. |license| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: License\n\n.. |language| image::\n\t:alt: GitHub top language\n\n.. |commits-since| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: GitHub commits since tagged version\n\n.. |commits-latest| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: GitHub last commit\n\n.. |maintained| image::\n\t:alt: Maintenance\n\n.. |pypi-downloads| image::\n\t:target:\n\t:alt: PyPI - Downloads\n\n.. end shields\n\nInstallation\n--------------\n\n.. start installation\n\n``PyChooseALicense`` can be installed from PyPI.\n\nTo install with ``pip``:\n\n.. code-block:: bash\n\n\t$ python -m pip install PyChooseALicense\n\n.. end installation\n",
    "bugtrack_url": null,
    "license": "MIT",
    "summary": "Provides license metadata from",
    "version": "0.2.1",
    "split_keywords": [
    "urls": [
            "comment_text": "",
            "digests": {
                "md5": "4c5e55d094fbc9224ca3f07e579d2895",
                "sha256": "0ddd30051e2199eba4f1e71b996d32a0fb7cfc5aff0212261b17ea91028ba4b4"
            "downloads": -1,
            "filename": "pychoosealicense-0.2.1-py3-none-any.whl",
            "has_sig": false,
            "md5_digest": "4c5e55d094fbc9224ca3f07e579d2895",
            "packagetype": "bdist_wheel",
            "python_version": "py3",
            "requires_python": ">=3.6",
            "size": 483861,
            "upload_time": "2021-07-27T15:54:49",
            "upload_time_iso_8601": "2021-07-27T15:54:49.524063Z",
            "url": "",
            "yanked": false,
            "yanked_reason": null
            "comment_text": "",
            "digests": {
                "md5": "4d01474e917f7c81f9e441cd99b33cbc",
                "sha256": "362813195990eded7c828f88676046e4d272d15db601cd04738415b459d2de8c"
            "downloads": -1,
            "filename": "pychoosealicense-0.2.1.tar.gz",
            "has_sig": false,
            "md5_digest": "4d01474e917f7c81f9e441cd99b33cbc",
            "packagetype": "sdist",
            "python_version": "source",
            "requires_python": ">=3.6",
            "size": 138629,
            "upload_time": "2021-07-27T15:54:50",
            "upload_time_iso_8601": "2021-07-27T15:54:50.585428Z",
            "url": "",
            "yanked": false,
            "yanked_reason": null
    "upload_time": "2021-07-27 15:54:50",
    "github": true,
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    "github_user": "repo-helper",
    "github_project": "PyChooseALicense",
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    "github_actions": true,
    "requirements": [],
    "tox": true,
    "lcname": "pychoosealicense"
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