Adding Summary

Adding the summary is technically very similar to adding the author field, but knowing what to write is a bit more challenging. You'll have to understand what is the project about and you must be able to write a one-line description.

Alternatively you can locate the bug-tracking system of the project (they are usually the same place the version control system can be found) and you can open a ticket or issue depending the word the particular system uses.

The technical details

The JSON file of each package can have a field called summary that contains the short description of the package. The most common way to include it in the packages is to add a field called description to the setup function in the of the project. (Not to be confused with the long_description.)

In setup use the field description to provide a one-line description that will become the summary field in the JSON file.
In setup use the field long_descrption to provide, well, a long description that will become the description field in the JSON file.

Yes, I know the naming is a bit confusing.

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