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mantik 0.5.5 mantik for mlflow 2024-07-24 20:22:39
keystone-api 0.3.19 A REST API for managing user resource allocations on HPC systems. 2024-07-23 16:31:38
cylc-flow 8.3.3 A workflow engine for cycling systems 2024-07-23 16:24:43
iccicd 0.0.6 A collection of utilities to manage ICHEC project CI/CD pipelines. 2024-07-18 11:19:49
mufasa-polimi 0.0.3 Utilities for Polimi MUFASA users 2024-07-16 20:12:45
clusterfudge 0.42.0 Clusterfudge is a supercomputer scheduler 2024-07-16 13:11:09
bidscoin 4.3.3 Converts and organises raw MRI data-sets according to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) 2024-07-15 12:56:10
BioPII 0.2.4 BioPII (Biology Parallel Integral Image) is a Python package for performing sliding window analysis (SWA) on biological images. 2024-07-11 18:22:33
flux-python 0.63.0 Python bindings for the flux resource manager API 2024-07-09 22:37:16
holoscan 2.2.0.post1 The Holoscan SDK: building high-performance AI streaming applications 2024-07-02 23:46:14
diverge-flow 0.7.1 divERGe implements various ERG examples 2024-06-28 09:23:48
autosubmitconfigparser 1.0.68 An utility library that allows to read an Autosubmit 4 experiment configuration. 2024-06-26 08:28:27
autosubmit 4.1.8 Autosubmit is a Python-based workflow manager to create, manage and monitor complex tasks involving different substeps, such as scientific computational experiments. These workflows may involve multiple computing systems for their completion, from HPCs to post-processing clusters or workstations. Autosubmit can orchestrate all the tasks integrating the workflow by managing their dependencies, interfacing with all the platforms involved, and handling eventual errors. 2024-06-13 13:18:03
itwinai 0.2.1 AI and ML workflows module for scientific digital twins. 2024-06-12 07:31:17
mcdc 0.10.0 Monte Carlo / Dynamic Code, a pure python high performance Monte Carlo neutronics package 2024-06-11 19:32:05
compspec-modules 0.0.1 Subsystem graph generation for environment modules 2024-06-05 23:31:38
compspec-spack 0.0.1 Subsystem graph generation for a spack install 2024-06-05 07:54:58
slurmgen 3.7.0 SlurmGen - Simple Slurm Manager 2024-05-29 23:48:29
dpdispatcher 0.6.5 Generate HPC scheduler systems jobs input scripts, submit these scripts to HPC systems, and poke until they finish 2024-05-27 14:49:02
nodeocc 1.0.9 TUI application for viewing the status of GPU allocations on a Slurm cluster 2024-05-24 08:42:45
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