PyDigger - unearthing stuff about Python

chkpkg 0.4.0 Tests Python package sources to see if they build successfully to a PyPi compatible distribution 2021-06-19 22:37:14
rkd.pythonic Python-related tasks for RKD, including building, testing and releasing packages 2021-06-18 06:36:11
docker-autotag 0.2.3 Creates a list of docker tags from a given version string. 2021-05-31 10:22:36
cibuildwheel 1.11.1.post1 Build Python wheels on CI with minimal configuration. 2021-05-28 14:58:56
metaflow-helper 0.0.1 Convenience utilities for common machine learning tasks on Metaflow 2021-05-24 17:37:45
SmartCI-Test 0.0.1b0 This package help reduce development time by choosing the right test files for your changes 2021-05-22 15:29:38
SmartCI 0.0.0b0 This package help reduce development time by choosing the right test files for your changes 2021-05-21 06:53:37
neatest 3.7.2 Discovers and runs unit tests with a single-word command. 2021-05-20 17:31:35
qgis-plugin-ci 2.0.1 Let qgis-plugin-ci package and release your QGIS plugins for you. Have a tea or go hiking meanwhile.Contains scripts to perform automated testing and deployment for QGIS plugins. These scripts are written for and tested on GitHub, Travis-CI, GitHub workflows and Transifex. 2021-05-11 02:10:45
PyTravisCI 2.0.2 Just another Python API for Travis CI (API). 2021-04-03 22:14:00
screwdrivercd 0.3.689804 Python helper utilities for screwdriver CI/CD 2021-03-23 20:59:42
cirrus-run 0.4.0 Command line tool to execute jobs in Cirrus CI 2021-03-23 14:04:21
newversion 1.8.0 Your version manager 2021-03-16 20:16:50
logchange 0.2.0 Keep-a-changelog manager 2021-03-14 20:52:07
c2cciutils 1.0 Common utilities for Camptocamp CI 2021-03-08 09:22:02
opentmi-client 0.9.0 opentmi-client 2021-02-26 13:26:35
dingDONG 1.0.18 Data modeling managing and transforming data 2021-02-06 22:16:56
continuous-delivery-scripts 2.1.0 Continuous Delivery scripts to increase automation 2021-02-05 19:50:39
build-scenarist 1.2.0 Make-like utility to execute platform-dependent scripts (scenarios) written in Python 3. Format of scenario-name consist information about platform it written. Scenarios consist of targets 2021-02-01 10:28:14
robotframework-roboops 0.2.4 Robot Framework's library for creating and running DevOps tasks easily and efficiently. 2021-01-19 19:43:51
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