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mammoth 1.8.0 Convert Word documents from docx to simple and clean HTML and Markdown 2024-06-16 17:06:55
Imap2Dict-kiyoshirou 1.0.0 Automatically convert .doc and .docx and .xlsx and .pptx to .pdf format. 2024-05-24 06:20:11
python-docx 1.1.2 Create, read, and update Microsoft Word .docx files. 2024-05-01 19:41:57
docx2txt2 1.0.4 Extract text from .docx and .odt files to strings in pure python. 2024-03-13 22:36:43
docx2msg 0.1.2 Convert a docx to an Outlook Mail-Item. 2024-02-28 11:19:41
html-for-docx 1.0.3 Convert HTML to Docx easily and fastly 2024-02-27 14:24:13
semantic-ai 0.0.5 Sematic AI RAG System 2024-02-15 12:16:29
Aspose.GroupDocsMetadata 0.0.1 GroupDocs.Metadata for Python via .NET is a robust document API that supports over 170 file types and enables developers to easily render files to various formats, such as PDF, HTML, JPG, or PNG. With this API, you can seamlessly render a wide range of file types, including popular OpenDocument and Microsoft Office formats like DOCS, XLSX, and PPTX, as well as specialized CAD and graphic editor files like DWG, DXF, PSD, AI, and CDR. 2024-02-14 13:48:44
mathml2docx 0.1.2 The fork in converts html (including mathml) to docx 2024-01-24 12:08:25
html4docx 0.0.3 Convert docx files to html 2023-12-08 08:21:10
python-opc-lite 0.0.2 Open Package Convention light weight python library 2023-11-27 17:35:19
docx-coreprop-writer 0.0.6 Read Yaml, Overwrite Docx Core Property 2023-11-27 09:21:58
python-docx-ml6 1.0.2 Create, read, and update Microsoft Word .docx files. This is a fork from the original library that includes feature requests that have been provided by the open source community but have not yet been merged in the original package. 2023-11-09 17:12:17
python-docx-ml6-fork 1.0.1 Create, read, and update Microsoft Word .docx files. This a a fork from the orginal python-docx library that includes some not yet merged features. All credits to Steve Canny and all contributors who've created this library. 2023-11-09 16:34:28
text-office 0.3.2 a python module to create office documents from text-based files (e.g., markdown, xml) 2023-07-27 13:12:32
docx-hitalent 0.8.51 Create and update Microsoft Word .docx files. 2023-07-17 05:14:37
leadtools Powered by patented artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, LEADTOOLS is a collection of comprehensive toolkits to integrate recognition, document, medical, imaging, and multimedia technologies into desktop, server, tablet, web and mobile solutions. 2023-07-13 17:44:10
docx-word-instance-generator 0.20.3 Generates docx from docs Jinja2 templates 2023-06-27 19:56:38
pandoc-docx-helper 0.0.1 Pandoc filter for docx output to insert pagebreak at will 2023-06-23 08:40:47
eaiscenarioreporter 0.4.10 Turns folder of gherkin feature files into a docx file. 2023-06-21 20:08:15
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