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tdrpa.tdworker tdworker for tdrpa developers. supports python3.8+, windows x64 2024-07-25 09:37:21
qiskit-transpiler-service 0.4.4 A library to use Qiskit Transpiler service ( and the AI transpiler passes ( 2024-07-25 09:37:03
one-sdk 1.0.0b12 OneSDK is a universal API client which provides an unparalleled developer experience for every HTTP API 2024-07-25 08:53:19
openmeter 1.0.0b122 Client for OpenMeter: Real-Time and Scalable Usage Metering 2024-07-25 07:17:23
everai 0.2.30 Client library to manage everai infrastructure 2024-07-25 06:18:23
starwhale 0.6.15 An MLOps Platform for Model Evaluation 2024-07-25 06:03:05
tabledai 0.0.19 None 2024-07-25 05:50:59
ai-edge-quantizer-nightly 0.0.1.dev20240725 A quantizer for advanced developers to quantize converted AI Edge models. 2024-07-25 00:10:04
livekit-agents 0.8.0 LiveKit Python Agents 2024-07-24 22:26:31
litdata 0.2.18 The Deep Learning framework to train, deploy, and ship AI products Lightning fast. 2024-07-24 21:35:09
wdoc 1.1.12 A perfect AI powered RAG for document query and summary. Supports ~all LLM and ~all filetypes (url, pdf, epub, youtube (incl playlist), audio, anki, md, docx, pptx, oe any combination!) 2024-07-24 19:39:46
nucliadb 5.0.0.post944 None 2024-07-24 15:51:13
pyhelayerslite HElayers SDK for homomorphic encryption 2024-07-24 12:26:04
pyhelayers HElayers SDK for homomorphic encryption 2024-07-24 12:24:58
code_context_compiler 0.1.0 A CLI tool to scan a code project and create a single file with the entire project code, ideal for feeding context to LLMs. 2024-07-24 10:50:09
nuclia 4.0.2 None 2024-07-24 10:33:00
ai-edge-torch-nightly 0.2.0.dev20240724 Supporting PyTorch models with the Google AI Edge TFLite runtime. 2024-07-24 10:12:45
graphbook 0.4.0 An extensible ML workflow framework built for data scientists and ML engineers. 2024-07-24 06:14:37
ultralytics 8.2.64 Ultralytics YOLOv8 for SOTA object detection, multi-object tracking, instance segmentation, pose estimation and image classification. 2024-07-23 22:39:09
pipecat-ai 0.0.39 An open source framework for voice (and multimodal) assistants 2024-07-23 22:29:57
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