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llmware 0.2.15 An enterprise-grade LLM-based development framework, tools, and fine-tuned models 2024-05-23 00:22:54
sagemaker 2.221.1 Open source library for training and deploying models on Amazon SageMaker. 2024-05-22 22:51:36
dyff-audit 0.4.0 Audit tools for the Dyff AI auditing platform. 2024-05-22 20:53:48
freegenius 0.2.32 FreeGenius AI, an advanced AI assistant that can talk and take multi-step actions. Supports numerous open-source LLMs via Llama.cpp or Ollama or Groq Cloud API, with optional integration with AutoGen agents, OpenAI API, Google Gemini Pro and unlimited plugins. 2024-05-22 15:50:33
torch-workflow-archiver-nightly 2024.5.22 Torch Workflow Archiver is used for creating archives of workflow designed using trained neural net models that can be consumed by TorchServe inference 2024-05-22 11:39:01
torch-model-archiver-nightly 2024.5.22 Torch Model Archiver is used for creating archives of trained neural net models that can be consumed by TorchServe inference 2024-05-22 11:38:57
torchserve-nightly 2024.5.22 TorchServe is a tool for serving neural net models for inference 2024-05-22 11:38:52
dyff-schema 0.7.2 Data models for the Dyff AI auditing platform. 2024-05-22 02:12:38
jemma 0.1.4207 jemma & her ai agents that build software 2024-05-22 01:36:11
mlflow-cratedb 2.13.0 MLflow adapter for CrateDB 2024-05-21 21:52:20
pyxet 0.1.10 pyxet is a Python library that provides a lightweight interface for the XetHub platform. 2024-05-21 19:36:50
discovery-core 0.10.10 Augmented Intent Single Task Adaptive Components 2024-05-21 14:17:34
spear-ai-sqlfluff-config 1.0.0 Spear AI Ruff config 2024-05-21 09:32:04
openxlab 0.1.0 openxlab tools 2024-05-21 08:54:34
scrapegraphai 1.3.1 A web scraping library based on LangChain which uses LLM and direct graph logic to create scraping pipelines. 2024-05-21 08:38:42
aergia 0.2.0 None 2024-05-20 20:47:54
google-vizier-dev 0.1.16.dev20240520173809 Open Source Vizier: Distributed service framework for blackbox optimization and research. 2024-05-20 17:38:13
scml-agents 0.4.9 Agents submitted to the SCML competition or contributed by the community 2024-05-20 09:45:38
Nara 0.1.5 A versatile package for AI-based real-time information and chatbot interactions, creating temporary emails, generating random data, caching, and JSON manipulation. 2024-05-20 08:53:06
pr-agent 0.2.2 CodiumAI PR-Agent aims to help efficiently review and handle pull requests, by providing AI feedbacks and suggestions. 2024-05-20 06:30:27
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